How to Avoid Getting Shingles

Shingles trunkShingles can be a nasty actor. It is caused by the chicken pox virus. Chicken pox may resolve but the virus can live on and be reactivated by stress or illness. Shingles may present as a rash with blisters and is often be painful. It usually starts on the trunk (but can occur other places). It spreads in a belt like fashion along a nerve ending.

Shingles on the eye

The reason so many fear this condition is because a certain percentage of people may get a very painful long lasting episode. A friend had terrible pain on her face and almost lost her vision.



After hearing the presentation on shingles by one of our doctors at Crown Care, I realized how important it was for my husband and me to receive the shingles vaccine. We are both over 60 and the vaccine is recommended for us. We obtained a prescription from our physician. We were told we could get the shot at doctors’ offices, clinics and pharmacies (Safeway, Walgreens, and Times).

Insurance may cover the cost – Medicare with a co-pay of $35 – $60 or, if you are lucky, covered in full by employer insurance. My husband paid $40.00 and my employer’s insurance paid mine in full.

Get your shingles vaccine……the sooner the better!

***Pictures in this blog are just examples and are not clients of Crown Care.

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