By, Eileen Hilton M.D.

Rudolph sickHe definitely caught something this week.

Is it the flu? Or just a miserable cold?

Did it come on suddenly? Can you remember the moment you knew you were sick?

Yes – Likely flu

Not really – started slowly – cold

Fever or feeling feverish?

Yes – Flu

No – cold

Muscle pain and aches?

Yes – flu

No mostly head stuffiness and discomfort – cold


Dry and hacking – flu

Moist and productive of sputum – cold


Yes! – Flu

Mild from sinus congestion – cold


Yes, very – like I was “hit by a truck”

Mildly – just from coughing and sneezing all night

Runny nose, coughing and sneezing?

Yes – used up 2 boxes of tissues and my head feels congested – cold

Not really – a bit of nasal stuffiness – Flu


Flu – Contact an MD who may give you a prescription for Tamiflu (optimally should be taken within 48 hours of symptoms).  Rest and analgesics

Cold – Fluids, decongestants and nasal wash are recommended.

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