Social Security deducting too much for Medicare Part B ? Here’s what you can do

Many people may be overpaying for their Medicare Part B.  This is a story from a couple who were able to decrease their deductions.

“Our income dropped by 70% after my husband became ill. Everything in our lifestyle had to change.  We needed every penny of of our Social Security to make ends meet.   I noticed Social Security was deducting hundreds of dollars from our monthly payment for Medicare premiums. This was much more than my friends were paying.

I contacted a patient advocacy company specializing in Medicare navigation and learned my Medicare Part B  and D premiums were based on our higher 2013 income.  I was told to submit an appeal and request a lower premium.

After many calls and long waits, I reached Social Security who requested our recent tax returns. Our combined Part B deductions were lowered from $670 to $210 .  They told me I would receive a refund for the overpaid amount!

Just in the nick of time.   Medicare premiums might increase in 2016 for everyone except those in the lowest premium level”.

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