10 Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

Yangon_BannerMany of Crown Care’s clients are avid travelers. Travel insurance is often useful especially if you have health issues that may cause trip delays or lead to the need for treatment.  The following is written by Chuck Burns of Insurance Consultants Int’l, an independent travel insurance broker.

10 Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance 

Travel insurance can seem like just one more expense, and many travelers ask the question why buy travel insurance and why get travel insurance?

  1. You need to cancel your trip

What happens if you or a family member gets sick and can’t travel, a death in the family, or you’re required to work? There are many reasons that you can be protected on depending on the policy you select. Talk to an agent who can help you understand the many policies available. With TRIP CANCELLATION COVERAGE, you’ll be able to recover your non-refundable expenses for covered reasons.

  1. You miss your connection

You’ve planned a cruise but you discover the connecting flight to get to the ship is delayed. With the missed connection, it looks like you will miss your cruise departure. How will you catch up to the ship? With MISSED CONNECTION COVERAGE, you can take another flight to catch the ship at the next port-of-call. You’ll also have assistance services to help you arrange and pay for those travel changes.

  1. Your flight is delayed or worse…. canceled!!

You arrive at the airport and are told weather has canceled all flights through one of the hubs you are scheduled to travel through. Who will help you find a new flight to return home? With TRIP INTERRUPTION COVERAGE, you’ll have the money to refund the expenses of a new return ticket or to stay in a comfortable hotel.

  1. Hurricanes Happen!

They can happen before your trip and possibly during your trip! Either way you can get your trip cost totally refunded or your unused portion of what is left if you must evacuate early. With PROTECTION FOR WEATHER, you’ll be also be able to recover your pre-paid costs if your hotel is damaged in the storm.

  1. Terrorism is on the rise!

Your trip has been scheduled for months, but weeks before leaving a terrorist attack occurs in the destination city you are headed. The State Department has issued a warning and it would be unwise to travel now, but will you lose all your nonrefundable trip cost? With TERRORISM COVERAGE, you can cancel your trip without losing all the money you’ve spent.

  1. Getting sick or injured overseas.

Most domestic health plans will not cover you overseas, and if they do they will pay out of network benefit which would probably be more expensive than the insurance premium. With TRAVEL MEDICAL COVERAGE, you won’t be paying a huge medical bill. You’ll also have assistance services –  in your own language – to locate a suitable medical facility and arrange transportation.

  1. Your baggage is delayed or lost

You have arrived!! But unfortunately, your bags either were lost or they won’t be returned for a few days. With BAGGAGE LOSS OR DELAYED BAGGAGE COVERAGE, you can relax. You will be reimbursed for the essential items you need to start enjoying your trip. With coverage for luggage that is lost, stolen, or damaged, you’ll be reimbursed for new clothes and personal items.

  1. Your passport is lost

    With COVERAGE FOR LOST DOCUMENTS, you’ll have help expediting the process of replacing and paying for a new passport.

  2. You need an emergency medical evacuation

MEDICAL EVACUATIONS can break your bank account if you are not covered for this costly expense (cost of $50,000 to $100,000 are not un-common). Medical Evacuations rarely happen, but they happen every day somewhere in the world. Trying to coordinate an evacuation on your own would be a certain disaster. Let the pros who do this every day take over and get you to safety.

  1. Sorry but…Your travel company filed bankruptcy

You have planned a trip of a lifetime, but a week before the trip you see on the news that your cruise is canceled due to FINANCIAL DEFAULT of the cruise or tour company. How will you recover your money? With TRIP INSURANCE THAT COVERS FINANCIAL DEFAULT, you’ll be able to recoup your expenses.

There are over 20 insurance carriers in the market today, all selling different variations of travel plans trying to compete on price and benefits. If you search the Internet, it would not take you long to find the mega “Self Service” quote-engine sites that will produce as many as 40 wide-ranging premium quotes on the myriad of different policies. It can be confusing on which plan is right for you.

Where to buy travel insurance?

There are several choices: From cruise lines, airlines, a travel agent, an individual insurer or from an independent travel insurance agent/broker.  The cost is the same but you may get more individualized service and advice from an independent insurance agent/broker.  Also, if you have a claim, they may have more clout.

Chuck Burns   719-481-4027.



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