air ambulance englandA few years back I attended a funeral for my aunt who had passed away in Texas but was brought back to Hawaii to be buried.  Knowing how expensive it is to transport a body from place to place, especially over the ocean, I was curious to find out how my cousin was able to afford such an expensive feat.  “We purchased an insurance plan for $500 when mom moved in with us,” she explained, “and when she passed away, the insurance program took care of everything.”   I finally found that type of insurance during our funeral planning session.  It’s called “Transportation and Relocation Protection Plan.”  It helps families cope with the unexpected and with one phone everything can be taken cared of to bring a loved one home.

Plan benefits include:

  • Protection year-round, 24/7 for the rest of your life
  • Experts will assist you or loved ones with finding a funeral home, mortuary or other facility where the death occurred
  • Professionals will handle all required documentation and deal with cultural and language barriers if death occurs outside of the country
  • All costs associated with transporting the deceased back to the funeral home or designated location is covered, including preparing the body for transport, providing documentation and paying all administrative fees and shipping costs

I learned from my cousin that Dignity Memorial/Borthwick Mortuary (ph. 808-233-4400) offers this service through Medical Air Services Association of Florida, Inc (MASA of Florida) and Medical Air Services Association, Inc. (MASA)….phone 800.643.9023.

I’m sure your funeral planner or sales person can also assist you with alternate choices.  As an FYI,  some travel insurance policies offer this service.

Edwina Lee RN, MSN  Crown Care Hawaii,  808-254-8088


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