Childhood chicken pox can come back to haunt you as shingles, a painful blistering rash. There are now 2 vaccines to protect against shingles, the original Zostavax and the new one Shingrix. Who should get Shingrix? Healthy adults 50 years and older even if you had the original vaccine in the past. How many injections? … More SEPTEMBER 2018 NEWSLETTER

Pneumonia Vaccines – Now there are 2!

About 900,000 Americans get pneumococcal pneumonia each year. 5-7% die from it – most of the deaths occur in people over 65. The good news  –  there are vaccines The original pneumonia vaccine (PPSV23)  released in 1983,  protects against 23 different strains of the bacteria. But there were still infections and deaths from other pneumococcal bacterial strains. … More Pneumonia Vaccines – Now there are 2!