Are You Ready for Retirement?

RETIREMENT…….that long awaited time when you can kick back and do whatever you want…… or so a lot of retirees think.  But have you PLANNED for this big event (and are you ready)?  Consider the following: Are you physically fit to do what you want? Have you saved/invested enough funds to do those activities you’ve … More Are You Ready for Retirement?

MEDICARE – on life support?

The following is from an article on Medicare by Robert E. Moffit, PhD,  a Senior Fellow in the Center for Health Policy Studies, of the Institute for Family, Community, and Opportunity, at The Heritage Foundation. “The Medicare Trustees have released their long-awaited 2016 annual report.[1] It once again calls for expeditious action by Congress and the executive branch … More MEDICARE – on life support?

Pneumonia Vaccines – Now there are 2!

About 900,000 Americans get pneumococcal pneumonia each year. 5-7% die from it – most of the deaths occur in people over 65. The good news  –  there are vaccines The original pneumonia vaccine (PPSV23)  released in 1983,  protects against 23 different strains of the bacteria. But there were still infections and deaths from other pneumococcal bacterial strains. … More Pneumonia Vaccines – Now there are 2!

Long Term Care Insurance – A Stress Test for Claimants!

You have a parent about to file a long term care claim.  They have trouble walking.  They need help toileting, eating and moving out of bed.  Premium payments are up to date. Slam dunk, right?  Not so fast- Many claims are denied.  And, even if approved may take a lot longer with a lot more … More Long Term Care Insurance – A Stress Test for Claimants!

Hawaii Six-0

Ever been confused about Medicare?  Helped family members try to figure what the best plan is or what to do?  What if you want to keep working?  What if your spouse is still working?      These are all questions that we have asked at one point or another if we are close to 65 years … More Hawaii Six-0