Are You Ready for Retirement?

RETIREMENT…….that long awaited time when you can kick back and do whatever you want…… or so a lot of retirees think.  But have you PLANNED for this big event (and are you ready)?  Consider the following: Are you physically fit to do what you want? Have you saved/invested enough funds to do those activities you’ve … More Are You Ready for Retirement?

Using Your Life Insurance To Pay For Long Term Care

We have no Long Term Care Insurance.  How can I pay for my husband’s nursing home? A month’s stay in a Hawaiian nursing home can run $10,000 – $15,000.  Having available funds to pay for this care is a real dilemma for many families.  Even if long term care insurance is available, there may be … More Using Your Life Insurance To Pay For Long Term Care

Are You Prepared?

Mudslides, missing airliners, earthquakes and floods. The news has been inundated with disasters where people have lost their lives and have left family, loved ones and friends behind. The subject I’m going to write about is not a happy subject. It is a subject that many of us avoid because it makes us think about … More Are You Prepared?