Traveling with Medicare – Can you use your drug plan on the trip?

Hawaiian AirlineMany of our Hawaii travelers take trips to the mainland that last more than 3 weeks.  Travelers should always check that they have enough medication to last through the duration of their trip.

But what if you run out?  Can you get refills on the road?  Will they cost the same?  Can you get extra pills in advance?  What about foreign travel?

  • You can get prescriptions refilled at pharmacies across the US.  Cost should be  similar if you use a preferred pharmacy.  However, if you use a participating but not preferred pharmacy, you may pay more.
  • You can try to get extra pills in advance by asking your MD to write for a 90 day supply or calling your plan and requesting a vacation supply.
  • Medicare drug plans are not accepted outside the US.  If you run out of medication, you will likely have to pay out of pocket.

Need more info?  Contact Crown Care at or 808-254-8088

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