Are You Ready for Retirement?

Man in pool

RETIREMENT…….that long awaited time when you can kick back and do whatever you want…… or so a lot of retirees think.  But have you PLANNED for this big event (and are you ready)?  Consider the following:

  • Are you physically fit to do what you want?
  • Have you saved/invested enough funds to do those activities you’ve waited so long to do?
  • Have you researched projects or programs you would enjoy participating in?
  • How about a part-time job…have you investigated possibilities?

So what are some activities retirees can be involved with?

  • Taking classes at colleges/universities….learning new things enhances brain health
  • Traveling (remember this takes money)
  • Join clubs (great socialization)
  • Volunteer for various organizations (hospitals, YMCAs, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, schools)
  • Find a part-time or on-call job that you would enjoy…….also supplements income
  • Join exercise programs (YWCA, YMCA, Tai Chi)………keep that body healthy and in good shape
  • Write a book or start a personal blog
  • Start a business

So plan well and enjoy your Retirement!

Edwina Lee RN, MSN, Crown Care LLC

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